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Wednesday, November 09, 2005 0 Comments

todae uhm mornin shift..hmm..3daes of mornin..tired sia..den todae quite relax as usual..lols..den almost did nth..lols..n sumtings irritates mi..an uncle kips on makin noise..he was shoutin awae for de whole nite ystd n todae too..dunno y..outta de sudden he bcums liddat..ystd he was normal bt not todae..de doc ask him where he ish n he sae he ish in de morturary..n he one moment he told mi he died..one moments he told mi his dad died..n de other moment his mum died..rideculous lar..den he ask mi wad time he gonna b burned n at where..FON rite? n when i ask him again..he sae he in chinatown market..lols..den the other moment wann go find fren, wann go hm to help his family collect 'bai jing' cos his dad died..haiyo..cant tahan..put him on body n hand restrainers bt he ish find all his ways to climb outta bed..haiyo! tabuleh tahan~ den at 1..we had debrief..hmm..actualli its not a debrief to mi..its a chit-chat n luffter session..we jus make fun of each other n chit chat awae..den mdm quek brought each of us a badge n she specialli choose sumting tat match our personalitii..lols..mine was ' dun follow mi! cos i m lost too ' ..cute issen it? lols..which means i m berli blur n lost too smtimes..lols..>.< i like it berli much..hahas..oks lar..later i stil gonna work..tired..luckili tml i noon shift..hahas..shall end here~