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lonelii lonerr

Saturday, November 19, 2005 0 Comments

wow..lotsa daes din update le..hmm..woo~ 1wk over..2wks left..endure ger! hahas..den go bek to skul majiam heaven liao..bt haf to travel damn far lar..hmm..tis few daes eh..owas chat wif da sotong..lols..hmm..can chat til 4am stil heben slp..lols..den now mi jus cum hm..jus now go orchard..so sian..wid steph..herr mum wanns to go bek earli..hais..sad..den we go take pic..kao..take wrng seh..damn uglii..i feel like burnin it awae seh..hais..sad sia..hais..hmm..den we go walk walk ard..no $ sian lor..urg..den she go hm..i take train wif her to pasir ris den take bek boon lay..i siao eh? i sian til liddat..lols..hmm..oks lar..end here..hais..sian~ my lyf ish borin!