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pi pi pa pi pu..

Sunday, November 27, 2005 0 Comments

time flies..sun again..hmm..ystd mi go lil india..hmm..my firx time dere..cos kinda weird..n most of my fren dun go there..cos there i tink gt nth..lols..cos dine wanna buy sari so we went there..she brought a sari..bt de person like force her to buy liddat..cos she ask her budget of a sari den dine sae 30bucks den she took a sari den ask her to try n kip on swit tok den she jus ask ok..den dine sae ok den she ask us go pay le..den we walk berli slow den she like so scare we wil run away liddat..-.-'' denwe sae to consider again den she sae cant cos she brin al de way to de cashier le so mush buy..so dine jus buy..sdupit rite? force ppl to buy..den aft tat we go eat..i nv eat so i order a cup of ice milo, so do zhu..den we waited for abt 30mins n de milo ish stil nt here..we werre so angree n we go over n ask d ppl to refund us de $..so de poor service..-.-'' hmm..well aft tat went mustafa shoppin centre n i brought a mp3 for 79bucks..den aft tat we go mit anis n bob to do our proj at 8pm..den we saw monster! omg..den went to sae hi to her..lols..den aft finishin de proj..we went to k-pool to play..mi dunno how play so aniihow oli..lols..den later at abt 10.30 i took cab hm n chatted wif da sotong til 12 den off to lalaland~ hahas

now sun..wake up earli in de mornin..later goin out to jp..wid mum..shall end here..

lyfve eux .

1 week more..endure missy wendy ^^