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Saturday, December 03, 2005 0 Comments

finalli..i m now on holi for 6wks..yeahhz..muhh yr 1 ish finished..i m safed..relieved..wow..6mths of clinical..i learnt alot frm it..frm a ger hu noes nth n seen nth to now i can sae its an eye-opener for mi cos i haf seens manii kinda tings which i wil nv get to c outside..6mths of tolerance , hard work , patience paid mi off..hahas..so happii..bt sad too cos i m leavinn my patients and sum berli nice staffs =((..well..i wil b in clinical again nxt april? hmm..nvm..hou bei you qi! hahas..YEAHH! *happieee*

hmm..tis wk ish hmm..can sae quite xing nan for mi...bt my shift..hahas..den tue, wed, thur n ystd da sotong cum find mi..hahas..hmm..ystd wanted to go play pool wif dine they al..bt dey cancelled le..cos kinda too late cos sum ppl leave berli far..den we goin to eat steamboat nxt tue..hahas..she bu de all my peers..urgg..i lyfve eux all!!! hahas..den later goin rebond hair wif lynnie..hehe..oks..shall end here..=))

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