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Thursday, September 28, 2006 0 Comments

i hate copycats!
ure worst den an intellectual disabled person.
even dey haf more creativity den u!
ure not fit to be a nurse!
so sad tat u haf no brains at all!
note; copycats, fuxk off my blog!
ure not welcomed here!

wed din manage to blog cos i was too tired!

out w ml, cara, maybeline n eileen.
went to marina to haf steamboat.
reach there abt 2. (so early!)

roamed ard e arcade n superbowl.
played 1rd of drum mania,
1rd of daytona.
(i was 3rd in place)
1rd of bowling.
(i was 3rd in place too)
3rds of para para paradise.
was kinda fun.
our first attempt!

5pm sharp we started to place order for our steamboat.
all of us was so hungry.
we ate v lil.

aft e steamboat,
went to marina square for a lil window shoppin.
went esplanade too.
den we took e shuttle bus to cityhall n went hm.

bebe picked mi up at BL control station.
n tat ends my day w 100 pics! (oh gosh!~)

woke at 9am.
went to my aunt hse to haf a haircut w bebe.
my hair is so short&fluffy,
i like my tail.
gotta tie it up til my nxt rebond.

aft tat accompany bebe to queenstown topassup his punch card.
cos he resigned.
went jp.
once again,
roamed in JP for abt 3-4hrs.
uhm kinda sick n tired of JP!

met huiyan n maybeline at 6.30pm.
i reached first.
went window shoppin again! (can u imagine hw sick uhm in JP?)
slack at mac cafe til 9.
brought lotsa tidbits at value.
lotsa sushi too!
(so cheap!)

went hm at 10pm.
uhm so tired nw~!

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hungry ghost nt yet over?

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bowling champion wannbes?

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e cute lil one i ate. =X

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famine in sg?

uhm lazy to put more pics.
cos uhm v ugly!

blogged @ 11.43pm