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Thursday, September 21, 2006 0 Comments

Uhm bored~!

al`thou holi, oso borin like hell..

its jus tat i can slp like nobody's business,
paint muh nails ( painted it jus nw; had it transparent )
no nid to bun up n clip up my fringe
no nid to wake up earlie at 5am
no hectic lessons

tats ALL!
foollstopp. =))

nth to do de..
damn bored..

uhm missin bebe..
i tink our contact is gttin lesser n lesser..
cos he's workin nite shift..n mornin is his slpin time..

currently starin at e CPU blankly, chattin w ppl (which i haf no idea hu dey r?!)
lols* i kinda weird rite?

i m so fuxked up w my work!
tinkin of quitin!
budden hu wil support mi?
i nid`a replacement when my attachment starts..n its diff to find a replacement!
tmd! hope my sis wil help mi..hais*

wo hao fan!
hu can i pour out to?
bebe* i miss eu!

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maybeline helped mi upload tis pic..tmd..i stil dunnoe hw =X


well, jus woke up frm my slp n bath..lols..

so boring~!

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my beloved laogong! ilu*

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style eh?

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c hw fortunate i m?


finally gt pics le..hahaha~!

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every nite 10.30pm..i`ll b so sad..dear's goin to work..n uhm so lonely..hais...

so long nv c him le..i miss him badly! =((

i saddens mi to c him work so hard..hafin bruises, cuts n aching all over him..hais*

blogged @ 10.25pm