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boredness kills!

Sunday, September 10, 2006 0 Comments

ystd din blog cos i was too tired to do so..hmm..well..ystd woke at 12 den went out w dear..hmm...went to causeway point to watch lil man..was damn funny n cute..lols..aft tat went jp to had our dinner n went hm..

todae was kinda boring..din wann to go out..dun feel like..hmm..sdupit dear!! cor n sms him din reply..i dun wanna care anymore..i m puttin my fone to SILENT! hmm..later perhaps findin smth to do..later stil gotta work..hais..wee..nxt wk revision wk liao..so fast..i tot ystd jus started skul! lols..hmm..so fast..2yrs endin soon..in 3mths' time..=))