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Thursday, September 07, 2006 0 Comments

todae BCLS..was kinda fun n time pass so fast..budden at first we took our class foto for grad de..hahas..e sunlight so bright..den my eyes cant open..lols..sure v ugly 1..lols..

hmm..todae e bcls gt 6 modules..budden we had 4 tested le..had fun w e babies..budden when it cums to e foreign object for unconscious..i tried e compression..den smtimes gt smtimes dunhaf..i so scared lor..i 2dae told cher abt my condition..den she ask mi gt doc frm GP..

so aft skul i went hm, bath n eat den go to my clinic w dear..den aft tat we go eat AGAIN..den aft tat dear accompany mi take bus den i drop at my bus-stop den he go JP..he goin work..lols..nite shift..aiyo..lols..dear..work hard!

tml BCLS for 1man n 2man cpr..aiyo..hope i can do it..n my letter can throw le..hahahas..jiayou JR0501A~!