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Friday, July 07, 2006 0 Comments

woo..todae went out w maybeline n cara..went bugis..long time nv go out em maybeline le..den so long nv blog liao..keke..no time n lazy..hahas..den we go take pic pic..hehe..

den we too lotsa pic oso..i brought a pair of mini shorts n cara brought a belt..hahas..wanted to buy shorts long time ago..bt din bother to go find..hahas..den aft tat abt 4+ cara went off to find her frens..den mi n maybeline gt no where to go so we go toilet take sm pics..lols..den go mit dear at clementi den we go jp mit junkeat..hahas..den we go play arcade..hehe..aft tat we go eat eat den go walk walk..den we al go toye`rus play play..we took lotsa pics todae..hahas..had fun todae..=)) lazy to put up e pics we took..i loaded em in frenster..=p

todae lemmi tink of sec skul daes..lols..it has been ages tat i din went out w maybeline liao lor..hahas..it was e first time tis yr..time flies so long..lols..well..maybeline sae wann intro adriano to mi de..i waitin eh..lols..mush brin mi along hor..shuai ge MUSH MUSH intro to mi lei..keke..=X ops..ok la..update again sm other time..=p