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Monday, March 13, 2006 0 Comments

hoho..long time din update liao..hmm..nowadaes busy to update lei..hahas..maybeline..nw i update le hor..=p hmm..nowadaes lotsa tingiiew happens..

firstly ish my phrase test..hahas..2 phrase test over le..hmm..marks not bad bah..I/V theraphy was taken by magas..luckily tat dae she was in her happy mood..if not i wil die til v beautiful..lols..den insulin..i was taken by mdm quack..my clincial 1 cher..hmm..i made quite a number of mistake..n she caught my hair..urg..so haf to spray everiidae..so sux..make my hand black black..urg..den was shocked by de marks she gif mi...aww..quite high although i made lotsa mistake..aniiwae..mush thnx her for tt..appreciated* =))

secondly, had lotsa tests..aiyo..all over le..now xams ish round de corner..hmm..mush study hard..i mush buck up le..^.^v my results aint tat bad..although i din study xcept for bio..hahas..hmm..well..was lucky tis time perhaphs..hahas....god bless mi^^ *i wann go poly* hais..=/

thirdly, dear..hahas..gettin more n more xing fu le..hehe..well..sorlie if i make u sad n i made u cry..well..i noe everiitime tings tat u dun like i will still do it..hahas..=/ opps..hmm..n u wil sae its ur fault n sae sorlie n i even haf de 'RIGHT' to be angry..lols..=X i noe i m nortie..keke..bt..i noe my own limits..=)) hahas..thnx for de tears tat u dropped for mi..hehe..hmm..promise wun b unfaithful to u..hehe..my love grows dae by dae =))..well..u gonna quit ur job in 2 daes time..rest well..^^

fourly, well..practically nth le bah..hahas..hmm..jus wann to do well for my xams..hehe..n den out to attachment..ahh..nearly forgot..i went bek to de same hospital like most of dem did..hahas..well..had 'mother&child' posting which i can get to c babiess in NUH..yea!!^^ ..hmm..well..haf to buck up for my xams frm nw on..^^ kampatay to all de missys! jiayou wor..do ur best..we stil haf our goals in lyf..hope to fulfill em..hehe..

god bless everiione..takkare!!