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mii =/

Thursday, February 02, 2006 0 Comments

hoho..so fast chinese new yr holidaes r over..aft tis holidae ish xam time..shit..bio xam ish cumin up on de 7th of feb..tat was so fast..we oli study for less den a month n den nw test..its makin mi stress! den tis wk gt lotsa makeup lesson due to de holidae..hais..we r so unlucky..change of format..makin our time so de rush n lessons so hectic..wad ish tis man! bt lucky ish stil manageable..hahas..

well..for my chinese new yr..i went to malaysia..seens lotsa fireworks down there..n was so nice..hahas..bt berli sian down therr..hais..everiidae nt enuf of slp..hahas..my panda eyes ish more n more obvious le..nw stil nid prepare for bio..gonnA get lesser slp cos nid to drive nite car..hais..STRESS!! takkare..gtg..