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lyfrve eux babyy!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005 0 Comments

hmm..ystd n 2dae i m a guai kia..at hm..hahas..den nth to do..damn borin seh..so watch online muvee lor..hahas..mi watch chicken lil n zai shou yi chi wo ai ni..hmm..nice muvee..hahas..sian lei..2dae oso stayed at hm..cos go outta too manii daes le..den mush stay at hm abit..hmm..tml i wil b settin off to KL le..hahas..goin genting til 2oth..hahas..

later gt work..hahas..die pok le..later mittin dear b4 work..aft i m outta of mlysia..i wanna go find work le..reali pok til i dunno hw to sae le..hais..reali manii tings to buy..hahas..hmm..oks..shall end here.

bei ai shi xing fu ; ai ren shi tong ku . shou yi wo yao ni ai wo duo yi xie . ni ke yi shou wo shi zhi shi de . ying wei wo jiu shi wo . =)) wo yao xing fu . =P