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sian si le >.<

Thursday, January 26, 2006 0 Comments

hmm..now in skul..so sian..had a 3hrs break den goin to combine lecture..sickenin seh..hais..hmm..so nw come to MLC to use com..if nt dunnoe hw to pass time..lols..hmm..sian eh..these few weeks so busy..hmm..packed in skul..de timetable so hectic n de lesson so rush..everiidae stayed at skul til so late..den nt enuf slp..panda eyes came out liao..hahas..hmm..den tml goin to skul den at nite goin to mlysia..so cant work..urg..no $ le..hahas..jus nw mornin mit dear den go je together..ahahs..tml mittin dear oso..gonna mish him when i mlysia..hahas..shall end here..hais..

mush chiong studiies..if not..STRESS!!!