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nite lyf.

Thursday, May 04, 2006 0 Comments

jus came bek frm my nite shift. was on nite shift for 2 daes w dine. wow..v damn tired.


i went out earli in de mornin w dear cos he off skul at 12. denwe go walk walk at town. den mi go work at 9. first nite was rather lost. well..had lotsa parameters takin. nid to do 3 times parameters for 19 patients. was like f manii lor. den kena bully my de SN manju. eek. she ish like sux? she asked mi n dine to clean al de trolleys n cupboard lor. free labour eh? or cleaners? den nvm, we cleaned. den she ask mi go print out each n every of de patient sticker n put on de medicine trolley n ask mi to take every bottle of medicine out n clean de trolley n medicine bottle. she is nuts! den lucky my AN sam n than than save mi. god bless! they ask mi tel SN i busy wann do changin n spongin le. HAHA. den we v tired. went hm slpt frm 9.45-6.30. den went to work again at 9.


sec dae. was v tired. did lotsa parameters too. den a patient died. den manii v busy cos my AN did last office den mi alone oli. urg. den a patient mad man! he has an eerie look. eek. den he nv slpt for de whole nite. he was lookin out frm de window n walkin abt. he oso lie on de floor. was mad?! den he siao, go n adjust his oxygen meter himself to 10litres. OMG! den i told him nt to adjust himself bt he dun take de advice. he go turn again to 6litres for another 2 times. mentally mad. hais. siao!!!! hahas. v tired. wann go lalaland le. nite.