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Sunday, July 02, 2006 0 Comments

oh! holi alrd..so fast! we finally finished our 'monsterous' training for 10wks..it was a real hard lyf..bt everyone made it! yippee~! bt although it was a hard lyf..we gained lotsa tingiiew..n i miss mdm phyllis tan too! dunnoe y..hahas..she is strict w a reason..hahas..well..reali learnt alot frm her..hahas..can b half of her le..n skin is thick enuf le..lols..=X well..tinkin of it..it was like ystd..i stil rmb our first dae..steppin into e ward w fear..n den de followin 10wks livin in fear everydae w her..her scoldin, lecturing made us al work w fright..hmm..nw we completed..nxt bek to skul~! bt w her..lols..well..nw holi le..enjoy urself everybody!!!