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god bless mi tml pls..

Wednesday, September 06, 2006 0 Comments

todae lesson starts at 9am..well..reach jus in time cos alot of office workers filled e bus n train tat makes my train v slow..hais..9 start skul oso a bad ting..oli can wake up later abit..

ee..tml BCLS liao..omg..i m so scared..i m nt prepared yet.hope i can make it!! well, tml oso takin class foto w ms peggy gan, mr de leon(i miss eu! la pi xiao xing) n mrs yvonne lam..hahas..been ages since i saw em..hahas..wonder hw wil our class fotos be..hahas..hmm..todae ms gan came into e class lookin so sick..so poor ting!! she is so sick til e face so pale n like no energy liddat..hope she is well tml..hahas..cos we need her in our class fotos! GET WELL SOON MS GAN!

hais i so fuxk up w my work tingiiew! fri i dunnoe my BCLS until wad time..den sure late 1..i asked lotsa ppl to replace mi budden al cant make it..WTF!! on 17th sept i oso cant make it cos 18th gt xam..den bo pian..haf to work oso..cos no ppl replace!! TMD! my class gathering i oso nt goin..cos of WORK again!! hais..hais..WO HAO FAN!!!!!!!!

den todae time table was like..gd..cos we had 2 breaks..den aft tat no CDS..weee..so happy cos i hate it..waste my time! i rather haf PCB or behavioural sci rather den tis sdupit CDS tat waste my time! hmm..den aft tat had psychiatric..we jus went to e MLC to mit mdm heng den she ask us to go do our proj in skul..den i went to e bench near cafe 1 and did our role play script w rubini..den aft tat saw maybeline n gang den went home w em..

din went hm aft skul..went to JP w cara and maybeline..i brought wad i planned to buy..( for dear's burfdae ) spend mi abt 15bucks..hahas..nw pok liao!! hais..we oso went to value and cara brought lotsa cuttlefish! Den went to eat pizza hut. .we had e pizza set..super supreme; mushroom soup; pepsi for mi! *YUM YUM* i added alot of cheese in my pizza..n my mouth smells w cheese..lols..den we oso took pics while we were eatin..hahas..budden maybeline lappiex sot sot..den sm pic missin! hais..
PS. i cant post those pics =X