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mission accomplished!

Friday, September 08, 2006 0 Comments

todae is e 2nd dae of BCLS n e final dae..hmm..has to b assessed my cher for 1man CPR n 2man CPR..

well..went for practice n both my practice were damn sux..totally cant make it..i was like damn worried if i cun pass my assessment..den i kinda practice n find al means to make my compression harder..due to my shallow compression..dene cher oso help mi n teach mi w sm technics..

aft tat we had our test den had our lunch..aft tat cums our 1man CPR..when it was my turn..i had mr tan..he was v gd..at first he c my previous paper n commented ' wah..u can anot?' den i sae 'i hope so!' den he taught mi ways to compressed which was to straighten n my inner espect of my hand away frm my body..den i started my CPR..den i was like breathless thru-out..den i do 6cycles instead of 5..LOL..den i was too fast..lols..i tot i had to retest as he sae so..budden he is kiddin mi de..lols..i was so relieved! i PASSED!!! i so so happy..den aft tat my 2man CPR w linda..well..e cher was so kind..tat she din pay much attention to wad i was doin..n linda had sm mistake which i prone her..lols..den we passed! so happy tat my whole class pass despite there r sm ppl hu repeated for e 2nd n 3rd time..budden all stil manage to pass! n we wun let HER look down on us!

aft BCLS..i changed my clothes n went to mittin for our behavioural proj..had it all almost done..hmm..den at 4.50 i accompanied zhu to walk to simei..den i went to take train to work..aft work..i went to eat w dear n headed hm..tat makes my dae!