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Wednesday, September 20, 2006 0 Comments

woooo..uhm v high!
went out w cara, maybeline, meiling n eileen!

went out at 10.15am..mit maybeline at jp control station..den mit eileen n cara at je..lols..den went to summerset to mit meiling..lols..first time out w meiling n eileen..was quite fun..n MAD!

strolled in cine for an hr bcos sakae open at 12..
went into e arcade n walk ard..

had sakae buffet..lols..ate lotsa tingiiew..YUM YUM!! lols..ate chiwamushi (one of my fav) budden i prefer kobayashi de..its damn nice!
its makin mi FAT! lols..was so hungry b4 i went to had my feast! lols..din take my breaskfast..i was reservin my empty stomach for e buffet! lols..spend mi abt 20bucks! lols..pok le! sobx..

i l0ve cheescake! =))
budden e chocolate cake was nt bad too!

aft tat we went toilet n den we went k`box~! we went toilet lotsa time todae..bladder gt prob..lols..

woo..was quite unlucky..first ting..e first rm we went- tibee spoilt..2nd rm - 1 of e mic is spoiled..den ask e staff to change..lols..

had ice lemon tea n had our tidbits refilled lotsa time..(i guess e staff oso gt paranoid?) lols*
n had vokka(is tis hw i spell?) share w cara cos i scare i mabo..cos my tolerance lvl was like suxk..lols..den oli drank half a cup..den maybeline finished her 4cups..OMG..n she oli had headache..lols..pro eh? a gd drinker rite? lols

had slight palpitation &
slight tachycardia..
bt it din affect my high`ness..

we were so high aft tat! we dance on e sofa..n all 5 of us was like mad? our devil side is out! hahas..we had split personality (as wad meiling said) lols..al of us was so high tat we were so hot, breathless n tired! In skul we was like so guai..bun n pin up our hair..n nw..omg! disaster! lols*

cant wait to go clubbing!

aft k`box we went to take neoprints! den window shoppin @ herren..den went to eat KFC @ taka..

meiling * cara * ( sensored!) lols*
we took lotsa pics..budden i cant load!! TMD! make mi so pekchek! guess tml den load those pics if i can..

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one of my fav~!

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another 1..hungry?

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

i l0ve cheesecake!
n chocolate cake!
budden half eaten..

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