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i <3 my new bloggiex

Thursday, September 14, 2006 0 Comments

tankiiew maybeline for doin tis blog for mi..its nice..i reali love it! hmm..sorlie peijia..waste ur effort last time..=X

hmm..revision wk is gone..nw we r alone out in e sea to survive ourself..lols..hmm..mon xam le..mi heben even studied..hmm..die liao..i c my behavioural notes..i was kinda blank n so stranger to mi seh..i m gone..sigh*

hmm..i m so tired todae..went to skul for like 1hr30mins? waste my time! hmm..den we waited for dine in cafe1 den we had our lunch..went hm at ard 12..wanted to ask maybeline to go study w mi de..budden weather nt gd..den laziie to go out in rainie daes..perhpahs go study tml bah!

so fast my in-campus training is slashed off..hmm..so damn fast..goin attachment n aft attachment..i m free again! BUT....HAIS!