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Tuesday, September 19, 2006 0 Comments

last paper! huu`ray~!

well..din reali studied much..jus read thru as usual..chatted..den aizad cor..den tok den slpt at 11..den woke up at 2..lols..kinda tired..

force myself to open my eyes big big n study..lols..den study for abt 1hr1/2min..kinda lost concentration? hope wad i studied did come out..lols..

Uhm tired!

I nid slp!

budden heben study finish hw to slp? hais..lucky tml's paper starts at 2.30pm..hahas..

shall declare: holi~!

tml aft xam sure gt clinical briefing!

hope my group is nt separated..
i love u all*
i miss u all too*
esp my clings - rani, sree, joanne, cara, dine, yuling
i miss e daes which we did e same shift n goin hm..chit chattin together n luffin like mad n nobody's business n tinkin hard hw to help ourself gt over those tough daes! lols

currently out of bored n losin of concentration..so decided to update cos i m awake late in e middle of e nite..lols..shall add-on when i m bek..

jiayou ppls!

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i shall now declare tat my holidae starts frm nw!
shall enjoy myself for e nxt 3wks!

bek frm skul..hmm..PCB paper was ok la..nt tat hard thou..lols..

jus nw b4 i went to skul..waited for joanne n rein at jp mrt station..den was attacked by 3boys! tmd! ask mi donate $..hais..i kip on rejectin n rejectin..den he kip pyscho mi..tmd..den i wearin nursing uniform..den so wad lor..in e end donated 3bucks..waste my $..tink my $ alot seh..TMD! den 1 boy ask.....budden i din gif..

aft xam stayed bek for clinical briefing..hmm..my cher was 'mdm lee'? i dunc`no n din c her b4..lols..aniiwae..she was pregnant..lols..

was w my old group of buddies!
yea! same group bek!
i love u all*

haf my first postin @ KKH..walao..so far lor..smmore cant c normal delivery or cizaeran (is tis hw it spell?)..so sad lor..hais..my first 2wks was taken by mdm ler..y dey din send us to NUH? tmd..almost everyone live in e west side..den gif us KKH..WTF? hais*

aft tat went hm w dine n yuling..everiione was bcumin mad aft xam..lols* we board e train den aft tat sm1 sat bside dine n she sae v smelly so we went over to chat w our cher on e nxt cabin..lols..we were kinda bullyin e cher..lols..

2dae last dae in skul..last dae to c everiione? til e graduation dae..
hope we pass as a whole corhort!
JR0501 rox ^^

tml goin out w lynnie dey al..eat sakae sushi buffet n sing k`box~!

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