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studiex; studiex n bored.

Saturday, September 16, 2006 0 Comments

currently in jp's mac studyin w maybeline.

dear n coffee came to mit us with their lappiex. lols..my blog went smth wrng b4 tat..dunnoe y..gt errors..den maybeline fixed it alrd..lols..hmm..sian..studied sociology..damn diff seh..budden i noe wad topic to studiie le..hahas..hais..y my cher is alice? is fuxkin bored n i dun understand her lesson at all!

jus nw gt a man sittin nxt to our tale..he sells insurance? we dunnoe! he kip tokin to us..majiam con-man liddat..den his client is here n dey chatted and he was tryin to sell his stuff? n e client seems v paranoid n irritated..lols..dey r frm mlysia..den he tot we r in secondary skul or even primary skul..WTF? lols..hmm..den he gave us his name card..for wad man? lols..use his number to prank cor him? lols*

hmm..nw currently usin dear's lappiiex to update my blog..keke..maybeline help mi to do e small icon tingiiew..hahas..style eh? hahas..hmm..sian eh..i stil gt lotsa tingiiew to study!

tml stil haf to work..kns;tmd! hmm..no ppl help mi replace..kinda sick n tired of e job le..i tink i m quitin soon aft my course ended..hahas..i m findin a new job soon..hahas..hmm..wad shld i be?

study hard everyone! last 100metres sprint! jiayou~!

ystd woke up to studiiex frm 1.30am to 4am..kinda tired..studying + chat? lols..hmm..hais..gonna burnt midnite oil everydae startin frm 2dae? hais*