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Sunday, September 17, 2006 0 Comments

i m done w my job stress! huu`ray!

jus woke up at 3.45am..tmd! ask dear to wake mi up at 2.30 he din..tmd, tmd!! supposingly intended to wake at 1.30 de..budden too tired so ask dear to wake mi at 2.30..hu noes he is so into his anime n dota n forgt all abt mi! TMD! i hate u!

nxt time no nid care abt mi le..i ur hart..i wil be replaced by dotas n animes k?

hmm..jus nw was damn tired..i cud`en open my eyes..was damn damn tired aft 3..i cant take it..budden luckily nw was quite alert n manage to study n cleared 'job stress'.

shall update in e later part of e dae! sian..later gt work..TMD!

blogged @ 4.57AM

sickening! currently rainin v heavily..den stil nid`a work! TMD! hmm..tml gt xam stil nid`a work..reali feel pissed*

todae whole dae kinda study..hmm..hais..scare of tml sia..lols..2nite mush oso study le..din go out 2dae..guai rite? lols..den dear huh..go out w his fren..hais..den i at hm study..hais*

wee..holis in 2 daes time! n attachment cumin! i m lookin forward to attachment! hope n pray* lols..

gonna prep for work le..hais..eatin nw..*YUM YUM*