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Monday, September 18, 2006 0 Comments

tmd..v stress..i feel tat i m doomed* hais..memorised 5 topics! budden i m afraid i wil forgt..=((

workin was so relax..first time in history..7 patients oli..god's helpin mi..lemmi go hm earli to study..we packed ard 8.30..earli eh? doc went off at 8.20..LOL..

i jus finish 'studyin' my behioural sci2..walao eh..i v scare i fail..1st time i m afraid of failing in nursing..fuxk sia..(touchwood!!!) hais..perhaphs alice lesson i din pay attention at al..hmm..hais..i wann to pay attention oso cant..cos her lesson is reali v boring..bored until i can slp sia..

sociology makes mi mad!

Uhm tired!

Uhm hungry!

gonna go slp le..blog tml..hahas..wil elaborate more abt e detail abt e xam..

god bless us pls? guys..jiayou! we mush grad 2gther! ^^

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bek frm skul..hais..kinda dissapointed!

those qns luckily i studied on e journey to skul in e train..e wae i saw rein study makes mi more worried den ever! she is like studyin like mad..n seems to noe alot..den i majiam noe nth liddat..den she told mi wad to study..den i lack out 'sucidal' den haf a quick look t it..i stop halfwae thru my journey cos info reali cant gt into mi!

on e xam hall..i was kinda 'aiya..nw c fate liao!' so i decided to do my best instead of worrying..i oli noe tat much n hope my tat much helps..den qns paper comes....

e first tingiiew do is flip into e structured qns page..i saw..was kinda..ALAMAK! cos din reali study..den aft tat i tink structured is much more easier den MCQ..i m more worried in my MCQs..well..i tink i wil score fairly i suppose! hais*

aft e xam..waited for zhu..cos i passup e paper at abt 10..i do v fast..at abt 9.20 i m done..den i sit there n dream..lols..den aft tat ppl start passin up..so i oso passup..aft tat went hm 2gther w ling..

mit dear, went hm..

i m guilty n hartache to c u liddis..i m sorlie! =((

Uhm tired!

gonna haf a nap!

blogged @ 1.30pm

woke frm nap le..v tired..had many fone cors..peijia n lynnie cor..lols..

had my lunch n chatted for awhile w dear..den he went bek to slp!

i noe u r stil blamin mi for wad i ask u to do..i dunnoe wad to sae bt to feel guilty n sad..i reali gt nth to sae..i noe its my fault to make u so sad n depressed..hais..wad shld i do? tell mi? i noe wad u did is for mi..bt tis time..i reali did wrng le..hais* hart`ache to c u feel liddis! tankiiew n millions n millions of sorlie!

wrote notes..info cant gt into my head! wad to do? hais..i feel v tired..dunnoe y..hais..jus hang e fone w dear..den he go prep for work le..

goin to slp again later. den wakin up at 12 to study..luckily tml paper starts at 2.30..gt time to slp le..^^

hart felt w guilt. its showering!

blogged @ 9.07pm