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Friday, September 22, 2006 0 Comments


FINALLY..later goin out w bebe!
hahas..so many donkey daes din c him le! (5daes?)
i dunnoe y..maybe we r used to c`in each other abt 3times/wk?
hahas..uhm so happy =))

budden looks like kinda wan`da rain le!

woke at 10am..dear cor mi..den i wake up..(hmmp! everytime disturb mi frm my beauty slp) haaas*
changed my bedsheet, wash e plates in e sink, cook e soup n den tidy up e hse..hahas
uhm hardworking hor?

well..kinda borin nw~

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bek frm work! damn tired* went BL mrt there to work 2dae..

firstly, went arcade to play drum mania V2 w dear..den go walk walk..i brought sushi..i dunnoe y jus nw had feelin to eat em..so ate..n drank a cup of peach red tea*
watched ' john ducker must die! '..
woo..he is damn cute n yandao..lols*
aft tat go walk walk..had lunch + dinner at lai lai kitchen..had dumpling noodle..dear ordered so much..i ate half n pushed half to him to finish it
den went to toy'r'us to play..
aft tat go make my nails..quite unique i tink..(refer to pic)

its kinda rush..den din reali do properly..e ppl ask mi wann redo anot..budden i rushin for work..so i told her tml den i go bek to do..hahas..dunnoe tml she stil recognise mi not..lols..hmm

todae work was ok..nt much patients..ish shifting!

DR KOO's CLINIC located at BL mrt station is shiftin to JP lvl 6..#06-14
w effect frm 12th oct 2006.

uhm helpin e clinic do advertisement..lols*

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childhood times~

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ginas playing..

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my nail..budden v blur usin my fone!

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