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geee =X

Sunday, September 24, 2006 0 Comments

ystd din post.
was too tired to blog..

cos ystd went bebe hse..watched 'the banquet'..budden i dunnoe wad e whole story is oso..majiam no story oli fight, fight, fight n fight oli!

guys; DUN watch!

den aft tat went jp to e arcade to play drums (as usual)..den ate KKC(KFC)..lols..

todae went out w bebe again..
tis time went bugis..
din want to do there cos jus nw bebe sae he nt feeling well..so i told him we shall settle in JP budden he dunwann..so we went bugis as wad we planned..

brought sushi at cold storage..v cheap sia..1 big box oli 2.80 liddat nia..
we brought 3 box! lols!
went to e area near e cinema to eat..its delicious..we brought salmon n crabmeat de..lols..make mi so full..
aft tat went arcade as usual (dear's fav all time place)..played drum..den took 197 to JE..cos nth to do..

ate chiwamushi n e fried tofu (i dunnoe wad e jap name)..
makes mi so full..lols..
its makin mi fat! i tink i wil gain lotsa fats thru`out e holi..
saw din workin at prima deli..lols

went work.

so hectic todae..cos laura came late..i waited 20mins outside e clinic..n i feel like to berak..budden no time..cos she came jus on time..

had AIA checkup todae.
i did e normal procedure..(eye check, ht&wt, abdominal length, chest in&chest out)
i din do e urine dipstick test cos she insisit nt to do as her agent sae its nt included..den when she came out aft c`in e doc..e agent made a big fuss outta it..
majiam do tis simple checkup wil wann her lyf?
wil she die?
wil cos her pain?
dun like fuxk off la!
if u liddat oso nt happy, buy insurance for wad?!
its a normal procedure for AIA ok?!!
we dun gif a damn!

aniiwae..work ended at 9pm..
gonna rest tml i suppose!

blogged @ 11.13pm