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Monday, September 25, 2006 0 Comments

uhm BORED!
bored to death.
boredness reali kills!
kill mi wil u?

stayed at hm for e whole dae.

woke at 10..bebe cor mi n wake mi up >.<
conference w bitchyling, cara n maybeline. (for 3-4hrs?)
dey r mad~ lols
crappin, i dun ebven understands wad dey tryin to sae?!
was on e fone w bebe n chattin w em.
uhm multitaskin~
maybeline converted us all w mly names.
she had tis for mi ;
WENDYila dulusai binte osama bin laden
i oso dunnoe wad tat means?!

lols..aniiwae..dey planned to go chubbin on wed.. budden i dunnoe if my parents allow.
gonna tel em uhm hafin a chalet, 2d1n hope i can go.
bebe's nt v eager to lemmi go too.
i dun care~
sorlie bebe*
lets go get high~
if we cant go, den we shall gt bek to our old plan; steamboat!

gonna b bored tml too.
miss lonely, uhm lonely~

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love til eternity..

blogged @ 4.30pm


i jus had tis weird feelings in mi.
uhm lonely w/o u..
i wasnt liddis last time!
where is e old mi?

perhaphs uhm too into u le.
i dunc`no.

blogged @ 10.01pm