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Saturday, February 23, 2008 0 Comments

weekends again!

i tot i could have a gd slp,
bt i was being woke up by sm calls.

my management called mi early in e morning,
was reluctant to answer her call.

work-d ystd,
& a new pair of key was given to me & my colleague.
they change-d e lock again bcos of e break-in.
& again,
thr was another break-in last night.
it was jus our rotten luck!
"she" trie-d to broke into JurongPoint's branch too,
bt faile-d bcos they couldnt unlock tat metal chain.
i dunc-noe y,
it jus happens on fridays!
(maybe we din keep e money away from e cashbox)
& "she" is trying to make us her scapegoat.
as usual,
police was calle-d down.
they wil crack & apprehend tat fuxking culprit!

& after i hung e call,
i could not slp anymore.
jus so sickening!

went for lunch w dear @ JP
but before we proceed to order our fd,
dear accompany me to OCBC to open an acc,
& applied for a debit card too.
i wil haf one account for my expenses,
e other one for saving.
will be changing to OCBC's acc for my expenses.
i owas hate POSB ATM's machine.
(bcos of its long que everytime)
so i will be changing to OCBC to save time for queing.
have subway & broke a large whip to dear's hse.
watche-d sm online movie,
& went for dinner.
i ate alot today!
gosh, its so fattening!

im pretty tire-d today.
din get enuf slp bcos of tat call.
such a mishap!