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Sunday, February 10, 2008 0 Comments

im bek in action once again!
i was out of town for e pass 5days.
arrive-d in SG ystd midnight.

it was a fruitful visit bek in malaysia.

. . .


reach-d my granny's hse at 2AM.
woke up early in e morning & went to haf my breakfast.
ate prata for breakfast,
& set off for a hairdo.
i trim-d, under-shade, highlight & did sm treatment on my hair,
while my elder sister & auntie did digital perm and colour-d their hair,
my younger sis & cousin rebond-d their hair,
we stay-d in e salon from 9AM to 5PM.
we spent over 1K in e salon!
steamboat session for our reunion dinner.
& slpt past midnite.


woke up early once again!
shower-d & set off to my granny's hse.
had our breakfast & set off to THAILAND w my cousins & famlies.
was pretty near,
& it only took us an hr to thailand from my granny's hse.
our main purpose thr is to haf seafood for lunch.
we dine-d in to a seafood restaurant.
e setting was pretty unique.
we sat in a hut by e sea which was very cooling & relaxing.
after we haf order-d our dishes,
e waiter use-d a walkie-talkie to convey e msg to e cook.
& e way of serving e dish is super unique too.
the dishes were sent to us by a motor boat to our hut.
& tat was when i fall in love w thai cuisine!
e spicy, sour yet sweet taste makes me drool!
after our stomach is satisfie-d,
we was bought to e day-market.
e sun was stiking hot & e sunlight seems to pierce into our skin.
i tink it is 3times hotter den SG!
we drove hm after as not much shops was open-d for business.


as usual,
slpt very late & woke up very early.
set off to my granny's hse for breakfast as i slpt in my auntie's hse.
after we haf our breakfast,
we drove to a Thai temple.
e temple looks pretty luxurious.
pray-d & look-d ard.
thr was a monk whom was e vice president of sm buddhist council,
whom passe-d away abt 18mths ago.
his body was not buried nor burnt,
but was conserve-d & was being worship-d by ppl in e temple.
i was shock-d yet impresse-d by him.
he sure mush be a SOMEBODY whrby he was being worship-d.
we left for sm shopping,
& i brought a pair of cover-d shoes for work.
went bek to prepare for dinner in a restuarant.
it was my granny's 81st birthday, (HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANNY!)
thrfore we invite-d our families & friends to celebrate for her.
i had a wonderful get-tgt session w my cousins.
it has been 8yrs since our last cousins' met-up.
i really enjoy-d myself for e past few days!

. . .

my dad drove 3600KM bek & fro to my granny's hse.
although it was a long journey,
bt i hope we could haf frequent met-up annually.
i seriously had a great new yr,
& not forgetting those ang paos.
i dunc-mind getting ang paos in Ringgits.

my dad left our camera's cable in his office,
shall pic up more pic once i got e cable.
(as promised, e photos are up)
& once again,


went hse-visiting; darling's hse.
stay-d thr for awhile & went to catch a movie.
caught KUNG FU DUNK.
was super hilarious & i highly recommend it.
after e movie,
i went over to auntie's hse for steamboat.

im sure i wil gain a couple of weight w e huge intake of fd daily!
but i love to eat!