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Wednesday, January 16, 2008 0 Comments

Her picture tells her tales.



my bf show-d me a video tat i find it damn gross.
it was frm a porn website tat was spam-d in zinc,
& his fren show-d him too cos its too gross.

this is how e video goes..

there was two girls.
they were strip-d nake-d.
& one of tis girl took a cup,
& put it below another girl's arsh.
& they shit into e cup.
& to my surprise,
they ATE e shit jus like they were eating ice-cream!

both of em play-d w e shit.
aft tat,
one of e girl dig-d into her throat & make herself puke,
& e other girl opens her mouth wide,
& let the girl throw out into her mouth.
& they seems to enjoy themself.
tat was plain disguisting OK!
i nearly puke-d on e spot.
i tink they were insane!

who is e world wun eat & play w other's shit except babies?
i reali cant imagine why did they ate those shit?

it makes me sick when i tink of it nw.

i guess almost everyoneone wil puke when they see e video.