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Monday, January 07, 2008 0 Comments

as usual,
drag-d myself off bed.
im super tire-d.

many weird incidents of mistaking dates happen-d today.
known as "Forget The Date's Day"

as i was workin in a polyclinic's; Child Department Unit, CDU
& we strictly goes by appointment.

so here it goes.. ..


the fone rang.

ME: hello, CDU
CALLER: im sorlie i forgt my child "xxx" has an appt w e therapist today.
(i referred to e appt list, bt no such name, thrfore i check-d in e system)
ME: can i haf his NRIC number?
CALLER: TxxxxxxxZ
ME: mdm, ur appt is tml, nt today.
CALLER: oh issit? i tot it was today!

tis incident happenced twice, another one was walk-d in.


2 parents walks in w an appt letter in diff timing.
(it was my fren who serves em)

PARENT: i gt an appt today w e Doctor.
FREN: Doctor? Doctor is nt here today!
(my fren took a look at e appt letter)
it was written 1/7/2008 as e date of appt on e letter
FREN: err sir, its 1st-July nt 7th-Jan!

tis incident happened twice too!

wad happen-d to these mummy?!
funny huh?

spice up my life baby!