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Friday, December 21, 2007 0 Comments

i love steamboat sessions @ hm.
had steamboat w my family, adrian & sis's bf ystd.

its so sickening hafing to work for 1day,
& its weekends again.
hate it man!

as usual,
dragged myself off my bed,
& prep for work.
so slpy!

i simply loves iBanking (internet banking).
it makes banking way easier.
cut e queing part & saves time on long ques.
checking of account balance & transfering of funds in jus 1sec.
& it comes w a super cool customized keychain.
love it, love it!

i nid nt que up to check my account balance anymore.

received a xmas present frm ah khoo.
a pandent frm citigems.
i like it :D

today im goin to rush hm,
to slp :X
kinda sdupit,
& wasting my fri nite.
bt seriously,
im v v v super, duper, tired k!

super boring @ work again.