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Monday, December 03, 2007 0 Comments

special place on a special occasion.

"Akira's sales"
went to take a look.
its damn crowded.

darl -ing & i were like shopping for furnitures/appliances for our hse.

tings are pretty cheap.
i wondered hw gd is e quality.

i brought a dvd player & darl -ing brought a toaster.
i nv knew i had an auntie-bf til ystd!
dear, u wil noe y :)

wanted to haf buffet for dinner,
bt nv knew of any nice ones.
sakura again!
any recommendations?!
heard paris (bali) is quite nice,
nxt buffet dinner, wil be heading thr.

i love e stadium near my hse.
nv knew its so windy & nice.
jus to sit down & chill,
its a fantastic place to chill w darl -ing!

happy 2yrs anniversary!