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Monday, November 12, 2007 0 Comments

been slacking at hm today.
super duper boring ok?!

watched "Bee Movie" online.
quite a nice one.
e story is quite interesting.
bee are irritating n scary insects to human,
bt in tis movie, its kinda diff.
worth watching i tink.

wanted to watch "Saw IV"
its jus super disgusting.
i feel like puking.
cutting open dead bodies to investigate.
i feel so disgusted over tis kinda scenes ever since i watched "Hostel"

oh yea~
"Doraemon: The movie" is coming soon on 15th nov.
i gotta watch it.
doraemon is so cute.

ppl who wan to watch "Bee Movie"/ "Saw IV" online,
jus click on the links.
thr is lotsa other movies available too.
its free!

Bee Movie
Saw IV

im desperately looking for a job!
i nid cash!
i dunc-wanna slack at hm doing nth!