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Tuesday, November 13, 2007 0 Comments

woke up late today.
set my alarm at 4.3oAM, bt instead,
missed my alarm & woke up at 5.3oAM.
dragged myself & thoroughly dress myself,
& i set out to Farrer.Park early in e morning.

1day work at Farrer.Park.Pri.Sch.
it was organised by sm organisation.
although it was far, bt its e pay tat attracts me.

this is my first time to Farrer.Park.
super deserted & quiet.
no signs of shopping centers or bus-stop ard e area.
quite weird & it seems so undeveloped.

we were the trainers/coaches,
whom were supposed to guide those students thru sm activities.
stood in the field, under the hot sun frm 9AM to 11AM.

new generation kids are far too diff frm wad i used to be when i was young.
at the age of 9, they started scolding vulgarities.
oh dear!
cant reali imagine wad will happen to my kids in e future!

we were supposed to guide and play games w em.
they were seriously nortie, yet hilarious at times.

Conversation 1:
2 students were complaining to me.

Student A: its v warm eh!

Student B - Student A: im turning into a roasted chicken & ure e roasted pig.
{student A looks plumb, student B is thin}

Conversation 2:
a student was toking to me.

Student: teacher, u pierced ur nose eh?!

Me: ya.. ..y?

Student: i oso pierced my ear 2 times, bt gt caught & was handed to the principal!


i think those activities were childish.
bt wad to do?
they are kids.
i used to play those when i was in primary sch too!
this showns tat i haf grown up!

aft e event ended,
headed to Taka, Recruit Express.

a piece of gd news!
im starting work tml at Jurong.Polyclinic.
will be under NUH, children development's department.
was elated, yet nervous.

din went for any interview,
& they jus took me in for work.
i can work n mingle w e staffs well.
{Pray hard!}

im super duper nervous,
gonna haf sleepless nite today!