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Wednesday, November 14, 2007 0 Comments

i gt freaked out on my first day of work.
heavy downpour in e morning.
waited for my bus for ard 4omin.
was obvious tat im definately late.

thr was no way tat i can board on a moving object.
dialled for a cab - engaged
hired and wave for a cab - busy
& e bus did nt cum despite waiting for 4omin.

i was petrified & panicking.
wanted to call the in-charge, haf no idea wad to dial.
luckily i managed to hire a cab and was late for 10min.

the in-charge was pretty nice.
didnt gt any scolding, PHEW!
i scanned the area & those staffs,
i dunc-even nid to wear formal.
slippers & mayb a tee?
no more headache on wad attire to wear anymore.

im working nw.
super slacking today as e dr is nt here.
tings r nt tat complicated.
he will oli be in e clinic on certain days.
pretty cool!

thr are diff types of patients here.
all are young ones.
poor kiddos!
many suffered autism, ASS, dyslexia, slow development,
delayed in speech, down symdrome etc.

hafin children whom suffered frm these kinda disease is nt easy.
they are so called "special kids"
either nid special attention or special care.
i seriously admired their parents!
wad a great sacrifice!

many of e parents are highly educated.
most holding a degree or a bachelor qualification.
they earns like 5K-10K per mth.
was wondering,
e more educated ure, chances of hafing a "special" kid wil be higher?

i pray for everyone, to be healthy!

I wish to be loved til eternity.
i dunc-wann to love anyone,

being love is a bless,
loving smone is a misery.