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Sunday, November 25, 2007 0 Comments

insomia caught mi!
no matter hw hard i tried to slp,
i stil cant slp.
its so irritat -ing flipp -ing left & right in bed.
tried half a bottle of drink -ing cough syrup,
bt i stil cant slp!

finally, i drank another type of cough syrup,
& finally dozed off @ 4.3oPM..
e moment i opened my eyes, it was 2.30PM.

vivocity's trip w Mr.Adrian

took a bus thr,
walked ard & shopped.
i brought a yellow & a white bikini.

i found a plain white bikini.
& i reali love it!

tried "New York Pizza"
cheap & quite tasty.
bt i prefer "Pizza hut"

bus -ing hm @ 1oPM.

a visit to e swimming pool

i wanted to go swimm -ing for a long time.
bt din had e time to go,
thrfore decided to asked darl -ing along.

e sun was big n sunny.
nice weather to haf a nice swim.
tat v moment, i found out tat my period came!

& so i had to watch darl -ing swim.
so unlucky can!?

hav -ing stomach cramps so i headed hm.

i hate mense!
can they stop com -ing??
hav -ing painful cramps :(