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Tuesday, December 04, 2007 0 Comments

(coca cola's design w e word adrian instead of coca cola )

wednesday's arriving, meaning 2more days to fri!
half day work tis cuming sat!

i cant wait for e weekends,
cos i nid more beauty slp!
im seriously deprive of slp!
haf been dragging myself to work everyday!
i was too tired&lazy to a point tat i wore specs to work today!


i heard smth interesting on e radio ystd.

thr is fruit which can help man perform better in bed.
its known to haf much more anti-oxidant den any other fruits.
it circulates blood better & help men prevent prostate cancer.
it acts as a vigra for men.

The benefits from pomegranate juice are believed to be because
of the potent antioxidant content of pomegranate juice that prevents
free radical molecules from disrupting proper circulatory function.
a glass of pomegranate juice may help manage erectile dysfunction.

pomegranate is a miracle fruit?!
pretty interesting huh?!