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Friday, December 14, 2007 0 Comments

im wondering sometimes,
m i alone in the world or?

i haf gt tis habit of not contacting frens up,
& wil oli contact em when necessary.
shld u name mi as "silly" ?

its jus a dumb & fuxking attitude of mine.
no one to blame,
bt myself i guess.
im born tis way!

i dunc-wann tis to happen,
bt tis is my own way of doin tings?

maybe i mush do something to it,
& change my attitude?

im feels abit sorlie for some frens of mine.
utterly, super sorlie.

to someone out thr,
i noe ure stil concern about my affairs.
so do i.
& im concern about urs too.
& jus wanna tel u,
i miss u lots alritey!
hope to c u soon.