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Saturday, December 22, 2007 0 Comments

im so hardworking today.
spring clean-d my rm,
& i found out smth.
i had been a spendthrift for e pass few yrs.
i threw away lotsa rubbish today.
i brought em w/o tinking,
& it has nt been used wisely.

& i wasted a few hundred dollars on those craps,
hundreds of dollars are being threw away jus liddat.

im jus wasting those hard-earned money.
frm today onwards,
im goin to tink twice before buyin any craps.

a visit to e pool on rainy days.
pretty cold.
din even swim,
cos im too lazy.
jus waited for adrian to finish his 10laps,
& im jus goin thr to "play" w e water.

i noe hw to swim,
bt i haf nt swam for e past few yrs.
(since pri 5?)
lost all e stamina & strength.

WENDY is a lazybum!

× exercise
× taking long walks
× climbing stairs if permitted

image hw lazy i can be.

i guess,
im going to die early.

its sun tml.
nt enuf of rest.. ..