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Sunday, January 06, 2008 0 Comments

oh gosh!
my weekends are gone in a few hr's time.
it seems tat i haf nt even rest-d.

my parents went to mlysia to attend a funeral.
my aunt's mother-in-law pass-d away.
my condolence to em.

was out on sat & sun.
went bugis & queenstown.
brought 2 pairs of shorts.
im a shorts-lover.
(tats y im so short)
cos its coolin & SEXY~

i went JP jus nw.
& as days goes, im hating bangalas & cinas.
call me a racist or wad,
i tink they're ill-manner-d, rude, uncivilised & loud.

as a chinese myself, i hate chineses frm china.
which means, i hate my own fore-fathers?


i was hafin dinner w my boy in a kopitiam,
we sat on a four seat-d sqaure table eatin our fd.
suddenly, a family of 4 jus sit down beside us w/o askin.
(i dunc-mind if they did ask before they sit, bt they din)
& their china accent was so strong,
these determines tat they are china.
i tink they are so rude!


was walkin in JP today w my boy.
thr was someone shoutin v loudly.
thrfore i turn-d ard,
& i saw two china man pointin on e floor.
(they were talking v loudly w their china accent)
& they were so loud tat it seems like shoutin to mi.
they nearly gave mi a shock.
uncivilised right?


was taking 197 w my boy to bugis.
aft we board-d e bus,
i saw 2 indians/bangalas sittin in e first sit.
OMG, they stinks!
esp typical indian which had coconut oil on their hair.
nt tat im prejudiced against em,
bt i reali cant take it,
i guess most of us cant take it?

indians/bangalas haf tis habit,
they wil shake their head when qns are throw to em.
is tis a natural reaction or on purpose?
its kinda pissed when u ask em smth,
they wil shake their head.
(who noes if they understand or nt by shakin their head?)
i mean normal ppl wil shake their head when they dunc-noe/understand.

wad i haf mention-d above does nt apply to sm of e cinas & bangalas,
bt most i tink?

bt sm are friendly & nice.
if u tink im racist,
be it!