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Wednesday, January 09, 2008 0 Comments

made sm amendments to my blog,
& new songs adde-d.

i was absent frm work today AGAIN!
"LAZY" is nt e reason tis time.
the night before i slpt,
my fone was charge-d to e max,
i did set my alarm clock to e time when i was suppose-d to wakeup.

when i woke up,
my fone was shut down,
& it was 8.30AM!

& when i trie-d to turn on my fone again,
i could nt cos e batt was empty.
i assume my batt's spoilt.
i oli brought it barely less den 6mths.
& a fully charge-d batt could nt last for 24hrs.

i tink i haf to bring it to the hospital(Nokia Care) to haf it fix-d.
its kinda lousy & laggy!
mayb im plannin to haf my fone change-d.
it all haf to wait til feb i guess!

initially i took half day off today,
bt i din appear at work in e morning,
so i wun waste my time travelling
& then work for a couples of hrs den off i go.

sorlie girls,
i was suppose-d to go sun-tannin in sentosa w my frens.
bt i din turn up in e end,
cos my stomach is abit upset.

my stomach has been upset since ystd nite,
dear stomach,
smile alritey?


another new skin was up ystd.
(preview at the top)
did it out of boredom.


im bek frm work.
im so PISSED OFF during work.

thr are alot of patient cumin in,
& e doc simply suxk.
ignorant & brainless.

he is brainless cos he dunc-tink,
anyone who request-d for mc, he simply gave w/o tinkin if they nid em.
& he sees 1 patient in less den 2mins?
in tat case,
i can oso be a doc!

& thr is this patient whom im so piss-d w.

ME: ur MC is for today or tml?
PATIENT: thr is no such ting as today, i gt 2days MC!
ME: i noe, i mean wad if ure sick today & u visit e doc,
u sure wanns an MC for today rite?
ME: so u wan today & tml or tml & the day aft?
PATIENT: tml & e day aft
( i explain e usuage of e medi briefly to her )
PATIENT: i did took smth to protect my stomach for tis medi, tis time dunc-haf?
(my fren & i flipped thru e casenotes)
FREN: if u wann we can gif.

after she left,
we flip-d thru e casenotes again,
& she din took tat medi before.
& i tink she din speaks w her brain on.