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Monday, January 14, 2008 0 Comments

my weekends seems like weekdays.
busy cum tire-d.

as usual,
work is boring.
i came here to blog.

i was reading sm magazines,
& i came across smth interesting.

i noe almost everyone loves snacks,
like fries, ice-cream etc.

here are sm wise snacks to choose frm,
if ure craving for one.

STRESS >Pistachios

If you are feeling frazled, unwind it w a handful of nuts.
According to a study by Penn State University,
participants who ate pistachios
daily record-d lower blood pressures
than those didnt. Its high lvl of plant sterols, fibre,
anti-oxidants, healthy fats & other nutrients
help improve the body's response to stress.


A mornin cuppa isnt smth tat comes
when u tink of high fibre fds.
however, a recent study frm Spanish National Research Council
shows tat coffee contains higher lvls of soluble fibre
than other beverages. One cup of instant coffee
has abt 2g of fibres whereas pulp-free orange juice has none.
now, u can do a coffee run!

BLOAT >Bananas

If you are bloat-d, its probably cos ur body is lacking
in potassium, which helps regulate blody fluids lvl.
Woman requires 47oomg of mineral daily. Grab a banana
after lunch or slice some into ur yogurt
(also full of potassium) if u wake up looking alittle puffy.
Wash it down w a glass of orange juice
& you'll get xtra 5oomg.

im always bloated,
thrfore i nid a banana!

im deprive of slp,
wad snacks can i take rathering den slping?!