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Monday, February 25, 2008 0 Comments

i finally gt my peaceful slp on sun.
woke up at 12PM.
i had a dream.
bt i have dream of exactly wad i dreamt on sun.
kinda weird huh?

met dear at 3.30PM,
went to WestMall.

i might be selling my N80,
im planning to gt a new fone.
but cant decide wad to get.

my N80 kips giving me prob!
sickening dumbo!
i cant even hear any voices when i pick up any call.
i regrette-d getting Nseries' fone!

as usual,
monday blues!
i cant help bt waiting for friday to arrive,
so tat i can submit my timesheet.
im looking forward to "tat" day,
e day whr my first 10K is earne-d.
it wil be roughly 4mths ltr.

MissMense visited me today.
my stomach cramps like hell nw.

its not easy being a girl!
thrfore, mothers are noble!