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Monday, August 06, 2007 0 Comments

went BUGIS w my girlfriend aft lesson.
it was like 1 mth ago since i stepped into bugis?

i spend nearly 90bucks in less den 2hrs.
brought a jacket for loveling.
a shoulder bag, belly stud and a top for myself.
i hereby declared myself bankrupt!

dropped by loveling's hse to pass his prezzie to him.
i hope he like it!
he then accompanied me to e bus-stop and send me off to work.

tankiiew for ur presence.
ur presence prove hw much i meant to him,
and hw much he meant to me.
humans are owas so careless.
u wun treasure ur loves one until u lose em.

the truth, e fact, everyone has to face them.
its cruel,
thr is owas life and death.
i believe,
tis happens in love too.
there is owas ups and downs,
be it happy or sad memories.
everyone has to go thru sm lessons to get to their true love.
love is beyond our control.
tats life i guess!
lets be more optimistic.
im going ahead, nt lookin bek,
i guess i will be happier tis way.

a date w loveling tml.
love him again!

i tink we are getting sweeter and sweeter as day goes,
and closer and closer,
we are bek to e past.
i love loveling!