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Tuesday, July 24, 2007 0 Comments

i used to b quite depressed for e past few days.
i stil rmb i drank e whole bottle of cough syrup,
and i slpt for more den 24hrs.

i noe i can make myself stop tinking for a period of time,
bt nt FOREVER.


im starting to learn,
to b more strong n independent.
i noe i cant behaviour tat way aniimore.
well, im more cheerful nw.
many thnx to those hu r concern abt me!

frm tis incident,
i learnt alot frm it.
i noe tat forgive n forget issnt an easy task.
bt i made it!

if thr is any more nxt time,
i guess,
its nt so easy e nxt time!

many frens sae im v skeleton nwadays.
PLAN: gain 1-2kg

online shopping ystd.
brought 2 tops, 1 bag

i miss u dearly.
(e feeling is no gd at all)
i miss ur cuddle, ur kiss, ur shoulder, ur touch, ur warmth, ur everything
i miss AH group 1.
i miss those days!
i miss everything!

i miss u for e 6th day.