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Sunday, June 17, 2007 0 Comments

i hate self-centered people.
they didnt tink abt other ppls` well-being.
to em,
they are e most impt ppl in e werl in every situation.
to everyone, we consider ourself most impt bt to a certain extend,
me too!
bt they`re way too inconsiderate.
others well-being is nt their business at all.
y do they care so much?
y these type of ppl live in tis werl?
since they nv tink of our well-being,
y shld we tink of theirs e other way rd?
i hate these irritating ppls!

we seems so near,
yet so far.
we`re jus a few centimenters away,
yet i din c u,
neither did u saw mi.
heaven is joking w us.
y u jus cant be more understanding?
im nt askin for more,
issit tat difficult???

. . .

bad mood.
im short of cash, so tight recently!
5 rest days!
wait til i update!