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Thursday, July 12, 2007 0 Comments

jus a couple of hrs away frm my oral exam.
im scared, nervous, curious.. ..

it was 3 yrs bek since i ever step into a sec skul.
im quite nervous as i dunc-noe whr JWSS is.
hope i wun lost my way thru.

tis oral marks e start of o lvl.
im so very stress.
hw can i turn a v bad situation into a gd one?
im reali trying v hard, bt nt e best i can sae.

i'll try my v best to strike for e best.
aniiwae, gd luck peeps!

i haf no time to waste aniimore.
shall throw aside gatherings, shopping, loitering etc aside.
im v sorlie if i neglect aniione for e nxt few mths!

been working recently n i reali neglected my studies.
buck up, n im pushing myself real hard on assessment etc.

its time to start working,
pull up ur socks wendy!!!
im running out of time?!!
(i'll remind myself nw and den)