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Monday, July 16, 2007 0 Comments

its my turn to haf a rest.
been workin since last wk.
fuxkin tired!

down w flu for e 3rd day.
sickening nose of mine.
i hate flu.
workin w running rose is no fun.
esp when i haf to bend down when workin & e feeling is like.. ..
(u know?)

hafin chn listening compre ltr @ 2.30PM
n i hate tat fuxkin skul, JWSS.


last thur i haf oral n i ran into an awful situation. fuxk e skul! i was wearing shorts n a tee. The discipline master (i think) asked mi to go hm to change cos he sae we wil be banned wearing shorts. tats crap! my frens were tellin me they saw other candidates wearing mini skirt n shorts n dere and dey were stil able to take e exam. FUXKING SKUL! i din receive any info frm aniione saein tat we mush wears long pants. URGG. so i quickly rush hm to change den cab over. luckily when i reach e oral has nt started. luckily, nth went wrng!

im sick.
feeling weak out of e sudden.

. . .

whr are u when i nid u?
whr are u when im finding/looking for u?
ure owas nowhere to be seen.
hafin u is as gd as hafing NTH.

even though i made myself clear for like so many times,
haf u ever listen n change?

fuxked up lyf.

im hyper hyper hyper tired.

im sicked of my lyf.

im sicked reminding u.

im tired of telling u over n over again.