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Saturday, July 07, 2007 0 Comments

my working once again!
time pass so fast.

worked jus nw.

There was this customer from japan bringing her lil girl out shopping. That lil girl was way too cute! She ran ard in e shop while her mum was busy picking and choosing those items frm e shop. She has shoulder length hair, tied up and big round eyes. The moment i saw her, i feel like cuddling her cos she look damn cute! I carried her up and my friend gave her a sweet. She immediately passed it to her mum. Her mummy opened, bite it into smaller piece and put into her mouth. Her mum was telling her "say thank you" or smth liddat in jap and she bend down (jap way of saying thankiiew). WOW, tat was damn cute! She is so young (1-2yrs old) and she knew basic manners. Incredible!

im hyper hyper hyper tired!

. . .

new shoulder bag (black)
new necklace
2 belts
2 new cardigon