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Monday, July 23, 2007 0 Comments

thr is owas ups&downs in our lyf.
its part n parcel of lyf i guess.
mayb god is creating tis scene to let mi know hw much can tis r/s withstand?
i will treat it as a test, for us.

im owas being scolded "foolish or sdupit"
wad else can i sae?

tis morning,
i finally understood smth.
my heart tells me - follow her
so im following my hart.
she noes e best wad she wanns.

let time prove to me.

im waiting.
bt i reali hope u wun let me wait for nth.
dunc-break my fragile heart and disappoint me again.
i hope my trust for u wun lead u to hurting me again.
i sincerely hope tat.

pls dunc-torture me again!

baby, im waiting for u.. ..